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Dry Eyes

If your eyes feel sandy, gritty, or irritated, you may have dry eyes. Symptoms vary, and it's not often clear Dry Eye Syndrome is the cause.

Dry Eye Syndrome ranges from mild to severe, and it is constant or intermittent. Infection and vision loss are possible but rare symptoms.

For decades, Salt Lake City, UT, patients have visited the Eye Foundation of Utah for relief from Dry Eye Syndrome and other eye problems.

Understanding Dry Eye And How It Presents

Dry Eye Syndrome is a common condition that afflicts an estimated 16 million Americans. It is caused when the eyes do not produce enough tears or when the tears evaporate too quickly.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, it is wise to reach out to our office in Murray, UT,  just south of Salt Lake City to speak with our eye care experts:

  • Eye fatigue
  • Blurry vision
  • Excessive tearing
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Sandy feeling in the eyes
  • Persistent stringy eye mucus
  • Difficulty wearing contact lenses
  • Eye stinging, burning or scratchiness

Dry Eye Is Manageable


With Dry Eye Syndrome, patients may grow accustomed to the constant or intermittent symptoms, like burning and eye fatigue. Though there is no cure for the condition, it is manageable. Dr. Wooldridge can work with you to find relief from your symptoms. He can also educate you about exacerbating factors to dry eye, as well answer any questions about the condition itself.

What is Dry Eye? Explore Common Questions and Answers

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Wondering how dry eye works? Or do you want to find out more about how it's managed and diagnosed? These helpful videos can give you background on the subject until it's time to visit Dr. Wooldridge. He's always happy to educate his patients — so feel free to come to our Murray, UT, office with plenty of questions.

5-Star Reviews From Salt Lake City




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I'm really, really grateful for the excellent professionals who work at the Eye Foundation, starting with the high professional level, like Tiffany and Lesley at the front desk... To the doctors who treated me so promptly! 

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I have been treating at the eye foundation for over 25 years now, i was diagnosed with glaucoma at the age of 39. So if not for the eye foudation i would be blind now. I highly recommend the Eye Foundation of Utah. The doctors and staff are amazing i would not go anywhere else.  Thank You  Eye foundation of Utah for my sight.

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ProKera Is Another Option

ProKera® is one of the types of amniotic membranes that Dr. Wooldridge can use during your dry eye treatment. This option can reduce eye inflammation, minimize corneal scarring, and restore cornea health.  It is inserted into your eye and left in for roughly five days as it greatly improves vision. Our doctor can explain if ProKera or one of the dehydrated membranes he uses is the right treatment for you.

Educational Resources  Dry Eye Treatments 

We Offer A Variety of Treatments


Dr. Wooldridge can manage your dry eye with a variety of options in addition to artificial tears and ProKera. He'll work with you to find the right treatment or combination of treatments. 

Dr. Wooldridge

The Eye Foundation of Utah

Welcome to the Eye Foundation of Utah, a team of eye care specialists led by Dr. Robert Wooldridge, OD, and Dr. Bradley J. Anderson, MD. We have proudly served Salt Lake City and the surrounding communities since 1982 with exceptional eye care. Our professional affiliations include:

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