Vitreolysis performed at the Eye Foundation of Utah was life altering for me! Over 2 years of poor vision due to a Weiss Ring was corrected almost immediately following my first visit. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and informative. I would highly recommend the Eye Foundation of Utah and their expertise to one and all.
– Stephen D.

The entire Eye Foundation staff down to the receptionists seemed to genuinely care about my treatment. I came into the Eye Foundation feeling kind of hopeless because I had been seeing a different physician at another office and my experience had been really negative and I was not getting better. Contrary to my recent experience, Dr. Wooldridge and his staff actually spent time looking at my eyes and communicating possible conditions and treatments. It was refreshing to be able to trust the care I was receiving and know that whatever was wrong with me they were going to figure it out. I did not feel like I was wasting time or money or being taken advantage of. I would recommend the eye foundation and Dr. Wooldridge to anyone now. 
– Missy H.

Dr. Robert Wooldridge saved my life in 2009. One day I woke to sudden vision loss. I urgently went to have him check the reason, and through a battery of tests he found that I had a clot in my eye (an eye stroke). He concluded from the MRI that this had to have come from the St. Jude artificial heart valve that I had implanted in a 1999 surgery. This valve had been recalled. I had another open heart surgery, replacing it as soon as possible. Surgeon Dr. John Doty stated that there had been numerous clots “sitting” in the old recalled valve. If I had not had the incredible diagnosis of Dr. Wooldridge, I would surely have suffered a massive stroke or death. He is the most thorough, knowledgeable eye professional I’ve ever seen. Thank you Dr. Wooldridge! I’m alive! 
– Cheryl W.